Litigation Graphics, Coutroom Demonstratives

Courtroom Demonstratives

"A combined visual and oral presentation increases juror retention more than 6 times over oral presentation alone."  

 - American Bar Association 

From Mediation to Courtroom  AIPG Litigation Graphic Services prepares demonstrative evidence to show what you mean in a clear and concise manner so any issue is easy for your prospective audience to understand.   At AIPG, we design demonstratives to be based on principle; and at the same time, we pay attention to details that affect comfort and credibility.

Preparing a Path to Verdict  We consult with you what visual aids work as demonstrative evidence for best presentation value and to avoid logistical difficulties. AIPG can create original photographs, video, and animations, plus work with existing case materials.  


Litigation Graphics:

  • Key Documents - Enhancements, Enlargements
  • Evidentiary Photos
  • Technical
  • Charts, Graphs
  • Maps, Diagrams
  • Medical, Technical Illustrations 
  • Slide Projection 
  • Computer Animations - self-running, interactive 
  • Video with Transcript 
  • Audio with Transcript           

Technological Advantage  Using higher technological exhibits may make the litigation process more manageable and shorten a court case. In addition to shortening the amount of time to convey your argument, the proper use of exhibits may consolidate information, such as combining depositions into the same presentation.     

Changing with the Argument  AIPG knows there are long hours involved in litigation and that new developments during litigation may cause the key facts for your argument to change. We continue to help provide ideas and exhibits so that the presentations made for you stay consistent with your argument.     

Equipment and Assistance  AIPG offers in-courtroom assistance with demonstratives. For people who would like to brush-up on using equipment, we offer MAP, MulimediA Presentations - giving you directions for performance in effective one-on-one instructionals.   We can also provide professional, quality equipment such as stands, monitors, speakers and projectors. An AIPG visual aid specialist can accompany you in the courtroom to operate visual aids, so you can concentrate on your delivery.

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